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If you feel yourself losing control, try to blow off a little steam to temper your reactions to authority. Go easy on yourself on July 14, as the Sun opposes a retrograde Pluto.

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Refocus your attention on your body to quiet your mind. The Moon waxes full during a partial lunar eclipse in hard-working Capricorn on July 16, changing our view of authority figures and who should hold power. Revamp your resume, network in your industry or seek out a mentor to help you find a new focus. Thought ruler Mercury moves in reverse through Cancer on July 19, intensifying our emotions, and dredging up old wounds.

Try to stay present while Mercury makes his way through this highly sensitive sign, and let yourself experience the lows to enjoy the high points. Venus opposes Pluto on July 21, inspiring us to transform our outward appearance. Use this spicy energy to tussle around in your closet and get inspired with some new outfit combinations.

The Sun conjuncts a retrograde Mercury on July 21, helping us communicate more honestly with each other. We begin Leo season on July 22, bringing forth a more playful and adventurous atmosphere.

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Get in touch with your inner performer while the Sun lights up this charismatic sign. Speedy Mercury conjuncts Venus on July 24, inviting us to open up emotionally. Looking to ignite a spark? A healthy spirit of competition is stirred up on July 25 when action planet Mars trines lucky Jupiter. Together they have written four books, including Love Zodiac: The Essential Guide For Women , about dating and relationships, and Momstrology: The AstroTwins' Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars , a comprehensive astrological guide to caretaking, with over pages of astrological parenting advice.

They live in Seattle, Washington. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The AstroTwins.

Detroit, MI. Accessed November 20, Retrieved Accessed November 20, by subscription only. EST on Monday. The Moon will remain in this intuitive sign until a. EST on Wednesday. Life runs just a little smoother, as the messenger planet helps us overcome misunderstandings and think on our feet. A New Moon in Leo arrives at p.

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EST on Wednesday evening, bringing along the inspiration to consider leadership roles and encouragement to put ourselves out into the world. The vibe of this New Moon will relate to how you are seen by others. Sparks fly on Friday when sensual Venus squares unpredictable Uranus. Strut your stuff this week, Aries. Venus, your planetary ruler of love and money, entered Leo last Saturday, giving you a brand new attitude towards your relationships and finances.

Take time to value yourself as you go about your week, and enjoy your time in the spotlight!

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The Sun, your personal ruler of entertainment, lights your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and romance this week, bringing attention to your artistic side. Nurture your imagination while the Sun moves through this joyful house. The Sun squares erratic Uranus on Monday, throwing you into some unusual new situations. Go along for the ride but make sure that the new people that you let into your life are worthy of your trust and time. Mercury, your planetary ruler of well-being, goes direct on Wednesday, helping you to increase your efficiency and health.

The Moon, your domestic ruler, begins a new cycle in Leo on Wednesday at p. EST, inspiring you to build up and brighten your space. Make a change that helps you to feel royal.

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Material Venus squares impulsive Uranus on Friday, putting you in an angsty mood. Channel your energy into your outfit — throw on a poolside look that brightens your day , so you can cool down in style. The Sun, your domestic ruler, spends the week in your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations , helping you to draw strength from your safe space. Stay poised on Monday, when the Sun squares Uranus, your career ruler. The office could be a chaotic place at the beginning of the week, so be alert for last-minute changes or high energy.

EST to help direct your latest goal.

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It may be difficult for you to find a balance between your personal and professional lives on Friday when material Venus squares erratic Uranus. Avoid distractions at work and concentrate on the task at hand to stay active during this bumpy transit. You may notice that the rest of the zodiac is feeling themselves, ever since charming Venus entered the confident sign of Leo last Saturday, spreading a cool, calm and collected vibe to all.

Borrow their attitude on Monday, when the Sun squares unpredictable Uranus, creating small snafus in your schedule. Are you dreaming up some new financial goals? EST when a new Moon in Leo arrives. Mercury, your ruling planet, goes direct on Wednesday, helping you digest information more quickly and get your point across faster.. The messenger planet also rules your home and family zones, helping to create more harmony in your space. Knowledge is power, Cancer. Work to gain a clearer understanding of your assets and debts this week while the Sun, your personal money ruler spends the week in your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions.

Work to create a healthy relationship with your cash, and understand what importance it places in your life. Venus, your domestic ruler, makes her way through the luxurious sign of Leo this week, helping you to upgrade your space. Be slow to react to odd news on Monday, when the Sun squares change-making Uranus — be even slower to open your wallet when these two heavenly bodies oppose each other.

Your trusted intuition is strengthened on Wednesday when your spiritual ruler Mercury goes direct. The Moon, your planetary ruler, begins an exciting new cycle in Leo on Wednesday at p. No one can rain on your parade this week, Leo.

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The Sun, your planetary ruler brightens your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance this week, charging you up to command the attention that you deserve. Venus, your career ruler, lends you a little mojo as she moves through Leo, supporting your image at the office. This is the time to ask for favors, and take on projects that best reflect your skills. Channel that restless energy into a more productive and sensual experience while these planets face off.

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